Rebel Tuff Stuff


We've created this site out of what we consider a need. We've seen a vacuum that we can fill, and hopefully make some dollars doing something we enjoy.

It seems to me that there's an element of society in this country that it is acceptable to alienate, and as well to scapegoat, that may be the last guy left that you can poke fun at without being labeled a bad person.

I expect that since you're here, you understand I'm talking about working class white folks that don't fit into any specialty, "you got to be careful of my tenderness category". I'm talking about those who do not want to hide or maybe even wish to embrace their insensitive side.

You can expect to find items here that will excite your senses, maybe even prick your sensitivities, and will be looked at as unacceptable by many of your friends and neighbors.

We do not wish to offend anyone. We are simply here to provide a service for those who want to express their First Amendment Right of Freedom of Speech!  And so long as in doing so, the rights of others are not infringed upon, Big Deal. We are Americans right, living in a free county?

If you are offended by what is offered here, I invite you to exercise your option to leave this site and not make a purchase. There's much out there that I've decided is not for me, and rather than to demand that a thing be abolished or taken down and hidden from view, I simply avert my attention and withhold my dollars, & that works pretty well for me.

White boy stuff gets tougher to come by every day. It seems to me that if you identify with most any other culture or categorized lifestyle or what the hell ever, there's plenty of places where the things that make you tick are shoveled toward you for you to consume, throw away and consume again, but quality goods for those of us who keep heritage, and the values of our old folks in our hearts, is getting scarce.

So whether or not its okay with the political correct crowd that worries about tender feelings, while they rob us all blind and whittle away at our rights distracting the sheeple with reality TV and tirelessly beating to death issues on capital hill that should be common sense, we are here to offer a small but growing collection of white boy goodies.

These are not mass produced crap printed in China, slopped out at break neck speed with no accounting for quality, and you can't get them anywhere else. All of these designs I am doing myself, without borrowing, swiping or stealing. They are ORIGINAL ART, from the sketchbook to the garment. My wife lends a valuable hand with the printing or pressing and order fulfillment. These are decorated, and if possible made right here in the good ol' U.S.A. with love and purpose, by us for you.

Unfortunately, the trucker hats are made overseas, likely by children paid pennies a day, who may or may not be chained to a table. The big corporations say that it keeps them out of the sex trades for a while, so it's the lesser of two evils and it's okay; and they keep the change while exploiting dirt cheap labor and substandard working conditions in third world countries. But that is another talk for another time.

They are good quality hats though, that seem to be well made and I think will hold up for quite a while. I've not yet found a U.S.A. made trucker hat, but when I do I will offer it. The price will have to go up but it will be worthwhile; and if you know where I can get any please let me know.

So in closing I extend to you a friendly white boy handshake and a smile, whoever you are, as long as you do me the same. I hope you are the type to appreciate the effort put forth by my lovely wife and I, and will enjoy and wear proudly the offerings here.

May God bless you, and have a great day,